We will demonstrate respect in all dealing with families, residents and facility staff.  Through our actions and dealings, we will uphold the privacy, dignity and uniqueness of each individual and organization.  We will diligently support the right of our clients to make informed choices. We will always be respectful of clients’ time and resources.  



We will be passionate about the value of clinical outcomes and improvements in quality of care and quality of life.  We will always put forth our best effort for each client to improve care and services to the satisfaction of our clients.  Our commitment is to your total satisfaction.



We will work in partnership to ensure that families and residents are informed of critical issues, interventions and results related to advocacy efforts.  We will listen thoughtfully and act accordingly to promptly address client concerns. We are committed to building lasting relationships with each family and client.



We will communicate with clients in a professional manner.  Written and verbal reports will be clear, concise, useful and timely.  We will be accountable to our clients for the results of each engagement.  We will promptly address and resolve conflicts and disagreements in a professional and timely manner.   



We will be honest and open in all communications and interactions.  We will earn the trust and loyalty of our customers daily - through our actions and decisions.  We will continually support and educate our customers. We will only accept clients we can help.  



We will strive to deliver exceptional service to clients with each engagement.  We are committed to the continuing pursuit of cutting-edge knowledge and skills to best serve clients.