David is a passionate leader committed to improving the lives of residents in nursing homes.  His unique background as a highly regarded licensed nursing home administrator and knowledgeable regulator in the New York metropolitan area make him one of the most qualified experts in the nursing home field.  Throughout his career, David has earned his reputation as a stickler for detail and for holding surveyors, staff and owners accountable for delivering resident care and service that meets or exceeds residents’ needs on a daily basis. He is a regular contributor to Quora.

Career Highlights:

Served as licensed Administrator in non-profit nursing homes
Implemented numerous quality of care/quality of life initiatives
Increased staff motivation, engagement & culture
Implemented operating efficiencies and profitability


Program Director, LTC Program (Metro region), NY State Dept of Health
Created educational initiatives for surveyors & nursing homes to improve care, change culture and measure performance
Dramatically improved clinical outcomes (i.e. - use of physical restraints ↓ by 80% and use of chemical restraints ↓ by 68% in 5 years) 
Integrity, reliability and accountability of survey process improved


Served as licensed Administrator in for profit nursing homes
Improved Quality/Performance Improvement Programs & Initiatives
Implemented cutting-edge Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems
Improved clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction rates dramatically
Provided extensive staff training on teambuilding and person-centered care
Implemented many new, creative recreation programs to engage residents


Business Consultant/Coach
Nursing Home Care Consultant

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